Diversity & Inclusion

I believe every level of government has to play a role in creating an inclusive barrier free and diverse society. So much can still be done to overcome the barriers that limit access, discriminate and ignore people’s differences.

As a Caucasian, male in Canada with no disabilities, I feel that I have lived a privileged life and may have never felt left out or discriminated against. It will fall upon myself to learn from others, understand, empathize and lead to make the necessary changes to allow others to live as I have.

From mental health and physical disabilities, language differences, cultural differences, equity and inclusion of women, the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville must learn from others as well as look at what is unique to this Town.

We must also recognize the distinct heritage of the Indigenous Peoples of North America and what this community can bring to our Town.

The Town is growing and becoming more diverse in all areas. Reaching out to communities and letting them know that we are listening and developing the policies, the attitude and the amenities that will lead the Town to be more inclusive, diverse and barrier free.

I believe the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville has indicated that we need to support diversity and inclusiveness, but we have fallen short in actions. It will benefit us all when we include all. Committees and raising flags are a good start, but it’s the willingness to develop strong policies and actions that have been lacking.

Under my leadership, actions will be on the agenda to include all in our Town.

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