Gormley Industrial Zone Expansion, Industry over Environment

Ian Lovatt has repeatedly explained that he has run and is running on a platform that will see the Gormley Industrial Zone expanded northward along the 404 Highway. He is selling this as a great idea that will provide local jobs along a major 400 series highway. At first thought, yes this makes sense. You have a highway that will move goods quickly and easily and provide jobs just 10 minutes from Stouffville. Sell it this way and people will accept it.

What Ian Lovatt is not telling you: This area is part of the Greenbelt and is protected under the Oak Ridges Moraine Act and Conservation Plan. This is a major wildlife corridor that will help connect habitat from eastern Ontario to habitat throughout the western portion of Ontario that is surrounded by the Great Lakes. It is also the headwater region of the Rouge River. The Rouge is one of the most protected watersheds in Ontario in the lower reaches through Pickering, Markham and Toronto. It appears that it may not be well protected in Whitchurch-Stouffville. Destroy the headwaters, you destroy the whole watershed. The Highway 404 Corridor on the Whitchurch-Stouffville and the Richmond Hill side are being protected for this reason. Significant Forests, wetlands and farmlands to be protected to allow free movement and connectivity to all wildlife species and the needed habitat found in Southern Ontario. The farmland is crucial for the supply of needed local crops that it supplies. I believe when it is sold this way, an overwhelmingly number of residents will continue to support the preservation of this area for wildlife and farm life.

Expanding development onto the Oak Ridges Moraine in Whitchurch-Stouffville will set precedence for all municipalities in southern Ontario to start developing on the Moraine and into the Greenbelt. “If Whitchurch-Stouffville can do it, why can’t we?” This will be heard across the Greenbelt. This will push the Provincial Government into opening up the entire Greenbelt from Niagara Falls to Peterborough. This will start an avalanche of needs from developers looking to buy Greenbelt Lands and develop more on our natural environment all across Southern Ontario.

I am not against developing our industrial and commercial tax base. I will not do it by destroying our natural heritage. There are other ways of increasing our tax base. There are a lot of commercial and retail businesses that are drowning under the weight of Municipal Taxes. If we want local jobs, we need to look for other ways of funding our municipality, or better yet, look for ways to reduce our spending.

See my website, www.markcarroll4mayor.ca for my direction on taxation.

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