Increasing Public Transit

The Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville is drastically under serviced by Public Transit. York Region has ignored the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville for years. We have a population of close to 60,000 people. We have one short rout through the community of Stouffville. This is sharp contrast to the services that are provided to the Town of Aurora with close to the same population.

York Region Transit only services approximately 20% of the population of Whitchurch-Stouffville. A quick loop around Town and only down to Markham/Stouffville Hospital. 14km of bus routes that take approximately 40 minutes for a round trip. This includes the North and South routes. If you want to go to Newmarket, not from Stouffville. If you want to go to Aurora, not from Stouffville.

Aurora, town that is the same population, has many more routes that will take you to Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Markham and Newmarket and even into East Gwillimbury and Georgina. Why is Whitchurch-Stouffville not being serviced? Aurora is serviced with approximately 30 km of Transit routes, and then they also have Viva Transit along the Young Street corridor.

We have 5 major towns within Whitchurch-Stouffville, Gormley, Stouffville, Bloomington, Ballantrae/Musselmans Lake and Vandorf. Only Stouffville has limited service by York Region Transit. If the Region of York is agreeing with development and the expansion of the development in these 5 areas, why are they not servicing these areas with York Region Transit. If they are waiting for ridership, then provide the service first and build ridership. We need bus services throughout our municipality to get people out of their cars and to be able to afford to live in the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville.

With the cost of homes today, more than 30% of family income is eaten up by mortgages or rents costs, the next big expense is the need for a car. More often than not, people are reducing their budgets for food and drink and social activities to be able to pay for housing and traveling to and from work. If we are going to attract new businesses to Town, then we need the infrastructure to support those businesses.

If elected, this will be in my top 10 concerns to address.

We need a “Different Kind of Better” to sustain our communities.

Vote Mark Carroll 4 Mayor

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